The SNJK Batiss. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


“Our skilled and specialized executive team will always be alongside you, with your coordination, wherever you are.””Our representatives are at your service in most cities of Iran, as well as in Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region, and also in London, England in Europe.


“Saba Novin Company was established in 2009 in collaboration with some experienced professors in the field of color industries in Iran’s Research Institute of Industries. The company has successfully produced products under the brand name of “Batis” for external façades and “Batis Fam” for internal façades, which are used in structures and buildings.”


“Supplying high-quality raw materials, managing production costs and implementation, and eliminating intermediaries have led to a reduction in product prices while maintaining high quality.”


“Our company has always welcomed the opinions and suggestions of our dear customers, contractors, and developers. You can also seek assistance from our experts to expedite the implementation of your projects and reduce the implementation costs.”


In 2009 , we founded a company called “Saba Novin Javan Koosha” in Tehran, Iran to start our activities in the field of building facade and paint. We noticed the needs of contractors and developers in this area and established the company to start working legally and scientifically.


Great support is essential for success in any endeavor, as it provides the necessary encouragement, guidance, and resources to help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

About SNJK:

SNJK Batiss is a manufacturer of multi-component polymer-mineral coatings operating out of Newmarket, Ontario. One of the most significant advantages of polymer coatings is that it has little or no effect on other properties when used. As a result, when coatings are applied to transport and store chemicals for protection, safety and mechanical strength are not jeopardized. 

Polymer coatings provide excellent corrosion protection for the materials used. It is essentially a paint that protects the material from potentially harmful conditions. Polymeric coatings designed for corrosion protection are typically tough. This enables the polymer coatings to be used on heavy films like those exposed to heat, chemicals, moisture, or salt and should never cause them to degrade.

Our Team:

At SNJK, we envision being one of the leading manufacturers of reliable and high-quality multi-component polymer mineral coatings in Ontario.

Our mission is to provide high-quality coatings to paint contractors, general contractors and wholesalers in Ontario at a competitive price.

About Our Founder

Ehsan Dabiri has over 14 years of experience as a Vice Chairman of the Board of various coating manufacturing companies. He also has a degree in Industrial Management. His experience and expertise in this field have caused him to propel SNJK to the top of the coating manufacturing industry.