Our Services

SNJK Batiss will engage in the manufacturing of a wide range of multi-component polymer-mineral coatings and the implementation of design services in Ontario.

SNJK follows all the regulatory requirements for the paint manufacturing industry in Canada. We comply with all the local, provincial and federal regulations of product safety and environmental guidelines.
At SNJK, we strictly follow the following guidelines and regulations:

  • Surface Coating Materials Regulation (SOR/2016-193)
  • The Canadian Environmental Protection Act of 1999 (CEPA 1999)
  • Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
  • Labour Code of Canada, 2021

Batis Polymer Mineral Coverage

Used for building facade, wall coverage and parking wall coverage.

Batis Facade

Used to design stone, brick, etc., in the facade.

Batis Pham

Odorless coating for interior applications.

Polymer Mortar

Used for framework and substrate preparation and application.

Batis Roof

Used for insulation and barrier against water penetration and negative air pressure purposes.


TitleSite visit and feasibility study by experts for the project.